We Are Delighted to Announce the Opening of Our Office In Pakistan

We are delighted to announce the opening of our new office in Lahore, Pakistan as our Regional office. While the market for Geospatial industrial is anticipated to grow rapidly everywhere, we have realized that NZ Aerial Mapping being leading services provider for Aerial Survey and Geospatial industry can fill the vast gaps in Pakistan GIS Industry which is crucially needs to be filled rather sooner than later by introducing latest technology, methods and services in GIS industry of Pakistan.

Whereas the development done in Pakistan is astonishing and we strongly believe that our advanced technological procedures will have a great contribution in the field of Aerial Survey, Geo-spatial services, drone survey and land surveying.

We are determined and eager to offer all of our services as our contribution towards Pakistan geospatial industry to take new steps towards the future of better Geospatial growth and Aerial Survey procedures and by considering this we are delighted to announce that NZAM have opened our first regional office in Pakistan to offer the similar and high-tech services which we offered to our international clients with addition of advanced data security services and procedures.

We strongly believe there is no other company resides in Pakistan who offer the services we are providing and mainly with wealth of experience we have hence, NZ Aerial Mapping will be the pioneer of Aerial Survey in Pakistan. Our local team of experts look forward to providing the excellent service that are our clients and partners are now used to. We have ambitious plans for Pakistan and most importantly, we are excited to have a direct presence in the country which will allow us to make a significant contribution to local Geospatial industry.