June 2, 2016

Company Brief

NZ Aerial Mapping

NZ Aerial Mapping has significant experience in aerial photography and mapping projects, large and small, in Saudi Arabia, Middle East, New Zealand and internationally, from needs analysis and project design to photo acquisition and map production. NZAM excels in all aspects of mapping and land information with proven project management success and expertise in most mapping and GIS hardware and software systems. NZAM is experienced in managing and undertaking large integrated mapping projects at the site, city, regional and national level.

NZAM is proud of the wealth of experience that each staff member contributes to the company. With employees who have been with the company over several years, NZAM has the stability and depth of industry knowledge and expertise combined with the innovative thinking of new recruits. All staff have specific expertise in their area of operations and are encouraged to expand their skills across the company. This experience and skill transfer ensures staff have the flexibility and support to assist in providing a holistic approach to clients and ensuring the highest quality is achieved in delivery.

With the majority of staff involved in the acquisition operations or processing all members of the team are trained in multiple disciplines to ensure there is no reliance on one or two key staff. More often than not successful acquisition days are grouped together as the flying crew make the most of fine weather spells. NZAM has experience dealing with heavy influxes of acquired data by streamlining processes and when required staff will work in split shifts to better utilize hardware and software.

NZAM’s aircraft engineers keep the fleet maintained

NZAM’s aircraft engineers keep the fleet maintained