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NZAM-SA has vast experience in Aerial Survey, Orthophoto Maps Production and LiDAR.

Aerial Survey

NZAM-SA has different services in this field like Ground Control Points (GCP) Establishment, Flight Planning, Aerial Photography, LiDAR Data Acquisition, Aircraft & Sensor Lease and Aircraft Maintenance Services.


NZAM-SA uses state of the art LiDAR equipment for acquisition of LiDAR Data like Electrical Powelines, Urban Modelling, Coastal Monitoring, Flood Monitoring and Utility Corridors.


NZAM-SA also provide services like Data Processing, Orthophoto production, DTM/DSM Generation, Terrestrial and Panoramic Photography, Scanning & Printing of Orthophoto Maps.

GIS & Mapping

NZAM provides numerous GIS services and turnkey solutions to its clients all over the world. We provide a wide range of digital mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services, helping clients to better understand and gain benefit from the geographic information at their disposal.

Drone Survey

NZAM combines the latest advances in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) with innovative uses of imaging equipment to perform a wide range of high quality mapping & aerial surveys for small project area. Using a UAV for aerial mapping over small areas allow us to obtain detailed data quickly and easily for our clients.

Ground Survey

NZ Aerial Mapping (PVT) Limited offers full range of surveying and land development services by using a combination of well-established practices and modern techniques, NZAM provides its clients with a superior range of surveying solutions.

Aircraft & Sensor Lease

NZAM provides aircraft & sensors on leasing bases. NZAM also provides its quality crew members and staff for your project needs.

Consultancy Services

With over 80 years of combined experience working in the aviation and spatial information industry, NZAM-SA also provides consultancy services that can add value to your business.

About us

NZAM is one of the oldest Aerial Survey company in the world.
"One-Stop-Shop" for all your Aerial Photography needs.

At NZAM-SA, our vision is to be the company that provides a real “One-Stop-Shop” to its clients by offering full turn-key services & solutions for Aerial Survey, LiDAR, GIS, Mapping & Photogrammetry not only in Saudi Arabia but in entire region.

Our technical and management team is comprised of people with many years of experience in related industry such as Aerial survey, LiDAR, Photogrammetry, IT and GIS. Besides our permanent employees, there are several temporary positions which usually get filled based on individual project requirements and they report directly to the Director of Operations or Project Managers.

  • Aerial Survey

    Aerial Photography

  • LiDAR

    LiDAR Data Acquisition

  • Orthophoto Production

    Orthophoto Maps, DTM/DSM

  • Consultancy Services

    Let NZAM add value to your business

Our team

NZAM-SA feel proud on its hard working and motivated employees, who always proved their strengths and sincerity with this company.
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Mr. Abdullah Hanno

Chief Executive Officer
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Engr. Usman Khan

Managing Director
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Bader Hanno

Aviation Operation Manager
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Capt. Khaled El Zomor

Chief Pilot
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Capt. Obeidat

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Oscar Del Cid

Acquisition Manager
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Arjan Mooij

Head of Operations
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Syed Awais

Photogrammetrist – Image Processing
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Naeem Ali

Photogrammetrist – Image Processing
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Shafiq A. Khan

Geologist – Remote Sensing Expert
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Waleed Tariq

Office Manager
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Kamran Baig

Business Development Manager

Our Clients

NZAM-SA has done a lot of projects for many of its honorable clients, some of them are listed below.

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NZAM has completed several projects in recent years.

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